Thursday, May 13, 2010

Bella and the Beast

Due to what may be some indoctrination on my behalf Bella is obssesed with disneys Beauty and the Beast, and I really do mean obseesed! She wants to watch it every day and the copy she had off Santa for christmas is nearly worn through!
In fact she loves it so much she now insists that I call her Belle instead of Bella!

Not only does Bella love watching the Movie she also likes to play it! Every day after she watches the film (or half of it as I sometimes restrict it to) she says

"come on momma, I'm going to be Belle and you can be the Beast!"

I have to add that not only do I play the beast but also lumiere, cogsworth, gaston, mre potts, chip... the list goes on.

But we do have fun, however as the games have gone on she has wanted more and more props,and yesterday she wanted to dress up, so I let her wear one of my summer dresses (rolled up) but she wasn't exactly satisfied.
She thought it was fine for Belle's blue every day dress but she wanted something extravegant for the golden ball gown.

Next month Bella turns four! I think this would be the perfect birthday present for her. But here's the thing.
I have been looking online for one of these Belle dress up gowns but they are either really expensive or a bit tacky.
If anyone is reading this I wonder if you know of any good places to get kids dress up, or maybe any ideas on how to make a Belle dress.

Here are some photos of the dress in the film fro those of you who have been deprived of not seeing disneys Beauty and the Beast.

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  1. Lola, I came across your blog searching for a Belle dress for my three year old! I just wanted to say that I hope you are still blogging or similar somewhere, it is a wonderful thing that you are doing for yourself and your daughter, and you sound like a very good mother. God bless you both! Amelia (London, UK)